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High Quality Organic Hemp Products (CBD)

High Quality Organic Hemp Products (CBD)

High Quality Organic Hemp Products (CBD)High Quality Organic Hemp Products (CBD)High Quality Organic Hemp Products (CBD)

Find a natural way of healing! 

New updates regarding shipping and receiving

Extra policy and guidelines

We are taking the Covid-19 issue VERY serious!  During unknown times, we feel like too much precaution is the right amount of precaution.  We have policies and procedures detailed further down on this page but also want to inform our customers on how we are adding new policies as things progress daily.  

We realize some of you rely on these products for pain/sleep/anxiety issues.  That being said we are working on making sure we get these products to you safely and promptly.  All items ordered by 3:30 PM est. will ship the same day!  Please use our coupon code hemp25 at checkout as well!  

We are now quarantining all products for 72 hours after disinfecting before shipping.  We believe that this will ensure the virus is not spread by our product,  by eliminating mailing contaminated items.  We highly recommend you follow the CDC advice on handling packages.  


In order to provide our customers with the highest level of care, our goal was to create a product that will best suit your needs and that’s what we’ve done!  The focus was to bring the best hemp products to the public while maintaining a high grade of quality control and unbeatable pricing.  Also using a high grade of extraction to insure the best possible full spectrum products!

Hemp infused Organic Tincture

      All products are made with the best quality cannabis from select farms.  ALL of which is indoor ORGANIC.  ALL third party lab tested. 


Clean lab work is our forte!

Our policy and procedures are in place to protect our customers health and well being.  We follow a very strict set of guidelines when processing our hemp and believe this principle is of upmost importance!  Due to recent events regarding COVID-19 we are sure some of you are worried about supply and certain operating procedures.  We take extreme precautions to disinfect prior to processing and after.  Hair nets, face mask and lab coats are always used while processing.  Also all items are disinfected before packaged for shipping.   Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding how we operate and continue to have your safety in mind.    


We ONLY use indoor organic HEMP in our products.  All lab tested prior to processing and after.  That being said, it is considered federally legal within the 2018 Farm Bill Act.  This allows us to ship to virtually anywhere within the U.S.!  If you have any further questions, we recommend you check out this link!  Scroll down to your state to check!  We fall under the category "Hemp Sourced CBD for any use"  Please email us with any other further information! 


Mark Daughtry

I was skeptical about hemp tincture as I a tried other tinctures that didn’t work for me.  Finally I have found one that does!  Pure hemp apotheco has helped me so much!  Thank you guys!

Kim Scearce

     Pure Hemp Apotheco's tincture has helped me so much. I have MCTD which is a is a rare autoimmune disorder. Mine is a mix of Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Scleroderma. I have symptoms including fatigue, trouble sleeping, muscle and joint pain/inflammation and a general feeling of being unwell. I started using the 1000 MG 60 ML CBD Full Spectrum Tincture about a month ago and can’t believe the difference it has made. I sleep better, my pain and inflammation are considerably lessened, and I simply feel better overall. This is NOT the 1st brand of tincture I have tried but it has definitely given me the best results. I just ordered the Holiday Gift Package and cannot wait to try some of the other products. Thank you so muc

Patsy A.

Hey...I’m afraid to brag, but for the first time in 25+ years, I can climb the stairs with one foot in front of the other!!!!  Can’t say no pain doing it, but I couldn’t do it all before!!  Thank you!!


This is wonderful!! For the first time in years I feel no pain!  I'm truly amazed.  I started using this a couple months ago and had no expectation that it would do anything.  I have now weaned down to only 50 mg of Lyrica (under a Dr's supervision) and feel the product is truly a blessing. I'm sleeping better, digesting better and very little to no pain!  My doctor-endocrinologist is 100% behind it. I've told everyone I've come in contact with!  In the past I've even taken Oxi & naproxen on top of 300 mg. of Lyrica with nothing happening to control the pain and staying up all night.  Needless to say I'M THRILLED. Thank you!


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Organic Hemp Tincture


Our products are in select retail locations around the country!  Please email us at if you’re interested in amazing wholesale opportunities!